We are planning our first retreat for our angel parents this fall! We are really excited to have a much needed, full weekend for an uplifting getaway and hope you can plan to join us! The dates for the Healing and Hope Retreat are Sept. 7th through the 9th at Camp Hardtner. The camp is a couple hours away, just north of Alexandria and here is their website: Camp Hardtner. The dates are optional, meaning you can choose to come for a portion of the retreat or the whole weekend. Our goal is to make this as flexible and effortless for all of our families! 
The facilitator will be April Boyd, a professional therapist and founder of the Love Loss Project. She has helped many across the globe through specialized healing, specifically focused on infant and child loss. Many of you may already be familiar with April but feel free to check out her website and sign up for helpful resources she consistently provides! Love Loss Project
We are trying to keep the fees as minimal as possible and are currently looking for an event sponsor and once we know more details, we will be in touch. Please email us at [email protected] if you may be interested in coming or if you have any questions!